About Us

Our solutions help provide companies the tools to produce and sell goods such as cabinets and joinery for homes, offices, schools, and hospitals, as well as other commercial projects.

Our portfolio assists businesses to streamline and improve their design to manufacturing systems, representing a complete Business-to-Business solution. Our solutions include design software for drawing and presenting designs to clients, interactive 3D presentation tools and advanced manufacturing software to control any CNC machine. Janaks solutions are designed to help you overcome the bottlenecks in your business, with a solution that is best suited to your situation and your business.

Janaks provides the best solution for you, with experienced staff we can provide assistance to businesses across the country.

'It's not just about the software, it's about the solution'.


Our Mission:

Be providers of best practise software & services and to encourage, develop, and implement processes that continually improve our customers and our staffs work/life experience.

At Janaks we understand the important factors for you to stay competitive in today's market conditions. Our solutions are designed to achieve the following goals: