Solid Ultimate

Develop and expand your projects using advanced modeling technology. Solid Ultimate automatically generates your shop drawings, 3D renderings, cutting lists, material requirements, and estimates.

Graphically represent your project or use the integrated order entry function to quickly create your cut. List Solid Ultimate is essential to companies seeking to automate their operations using machines point to point and routers by nesting.

Key Features - If updating from Solid Advanced

  • Ability to add the Screen To Machine Ultimate
  • Intelli-Joints created by the user
  • Full control of parts
  • Exploded views of assemblies
  • Possibility to use custom reports (Crystal Report is required to create them)
  • Determine labor per unit or assembly
  • Worktop construction method
  • Machining work plan (with S2M Center Ultimate)

Solid Advanced

Cabinet Vision Solid Advanced is a software tool for design and manufacturing that allows you to detail all your projects, be it kitchen cabinets or very complex architectural projects. Solid Advanced automatically generates your shop drawings, 3D renderings, material requirements, assembly sheets, and estimates.

Graphically represent your project to create your shop drawings quickly or use the integrated order entry function to get a quick estimate.

Thanks to user-friendly menus, you will be very easy to locate the items you need. The lists of cabinets and multi-window screens providing views from the top, front and perspective can be displayed on one screen.

Solid Standard

Solid Standard is specifically designed for small workshops of custom kitchens wishing to automate their operations. This user-friendly software system, the update is easy, lets you design and detailing of residential projects in a fraction of the time you actually put.

Highlights - If updating from Solid Essential

  • Ability to add Screen to Machine Standard
  • 32mm frame with construction and recovery
  • Creating custom molding profiles
  • Creating materials
  • cross section 
  • Walls and vaulted cathedral
  • Auto-Fill furniture on a wall or entire room
  • Curved walls
  • Ability to add sections to the drawers (dividers and partitions)
  • Lot projects

Solid Essential

Cabinet Vision Solid Essential is design software and production of entry that allow you drawings of basic kitchen furniture and commercial projects. Solid Essential allows you to generate shop drawings, 3D renderings, material requirements, parts lists and basic price estimates. Draw your project and easily create your shop drawings or use the Command input mode for a quick estimate.

Try now the module Solid Essential by downloading the trial version online!

Key Features

  • Building with frame
  • Frameless construction
  • Construction of drawers and internal drawers
  • Doors and drawer fronts
  • Different views available for drawing (Plan, elevation, 3D, rendering, etc)
  • Zoom with the mouse wheel
  • Rights walls, angled or peninsula
  • Catalogues of personalized furniture
  • Sectioning of the complete furniture
  • Basic CAD functionality
  • Easy conversion between metric or imperial

Solid Drafter

Solid Drafter is cost design and estimating tool to detail all your projects, from the kitchen cabinet design to complex architectural projects.

It allows to easily organize your projects and automatically generate drawings workshop, 3D renderings and data to a flash estimate.

Key Performance Features

  • Multiple views for design
  • Photo vision: Photo realistic views / 12 different views sketch
  • furniture catalog customization
  • Ability to add angles to walls or rights peninsula, curved walls or T
  • Total control of sectioning furniture
  • Changing the shape of furniture and pieces
  • Advanced CAD features, among other things, data table and import DXF 2D
  • Cross section in plan view and cross-sectional furniture
  • Ability to determine the intelligence to objects / furniture / parts
  • Importing models with Google™ SketchUp™
  • Combination of furniture and pedestals
  • Live drawings of scenes (intelli-drawings)

S2M Center

The S2M Center™ is a key product that integrates Cabinet Vision. The data geometry and machining learned from Cabinet Vision is automatically generated for virtually any CNC machine computer on the market. The NC Center solution for nesting and optimization capabilities, and is able to make nests, optimize, and generate a loan machine G-code for saws, machining centers and centers CNC routers.

Send your assembly parts directly to your machine in just a few clicks of your mouse!

  • Try something new S2M Center 6.0
  • Compare the features S2M Center

S2M Optimizer

Cabinet Vision end-users have been utilizing the S2M Optimizer technology for well over 20 years. Now this time proven and superior optimization technology is available to anyone needing a panel optimization solution. The S2M Optimizer allows you to maximize your material yield and reduce your waste. The S2M Optimizer allows you to quickly and easily convert your cutlists into patterns for import directly to your NC Panel saw (NC Version) or printed patterns you give directly to your manual saw operator. The NC Version of the S2M Optimizer also includes built-in links to nearly all NC Saws on the market.